Sunday, May 3, 2009

OneShot Stencils: Urban Street Riddles by klone

OneShot Stencils: Urban Street Riddles by klone

OneShot stencils by klone is a series of uniquely designed free-style cut graffiti templates combining conventional graffiti techniques with a surprising twist. The stencils are mounted up on street walls using sticky tapes or nails and spray-painted. Yet, as opposed to ordinary graffiti templates, klone's OneShot stencils are left hanging in their position, covering their positive copy like whimsical urban riddles until some random passer-by takes them off to discover the hidden graffiti underneath. For more visit klone yourself! on flickr or see International Street Artists Add (More) Multicultural Sauce to Israeli Society.

OneShot stencil (covered)
An uncovered OneShot stencil example (Source)

Meal for two (uncovered)
Meal for two (uncovered): collaborated project with $0.00 , Kloz and Know Hope in Florentine neighborhood, Tell Aviv. (Source)

OneShot stencil project (uncovered)
Uncovered OneShot stencil collection. (Source)

OneShot stencil (uncovered)
Feeding the new generation of gods (Source)

More at:
klone yourself!

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