Saturday, August 4, 2007

Order, Kola and Drums

Take a good look at our daughter as she plays with Altman and Zemah during our visit at the farm yesterday for the birthday party of Oz. It's night. We had a good dinner, lots of SangrĂ­a and the party is almost over but someone just didn't have enough fun. Timestamp says its 21:12-22:43. The girl had her 2nd birthday just two weeks ago. Have I already mentioned Carmel is a human nuclear power plant?


  1. a human nuclear power plant :)
    So is my daughter and she is 27!

  2. Mmmm... was she like that from early days (say one month and later)?

  3. Yes!
    She learned to walk before standing on her own without support. Besides she taught the neighbour's boy (one day younger) to climb out of the children's bed with high sides :)

  4. Well, I guess I knew why I am asking. it sounds JUST like our girl. Carmel claimed up our house stairs (standing) before she was one year old. We though she was just "developing a bit earlier" but for quite some time now we both think she is just like my mom. Human nuclear power plant :)


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