Wednesday, August 1, 2007


An anonymous user which later on signed as Benjamin posted this comment to my From Sam Spade to Harry Callahan: toughest movie characters of all times article claiming Charles Bronson in Once upon a time in the west should have been be considered, too, as a "really tough" being an "(anti-)hero". He also added the following YouTube reference. I love this film SO much that after watching this scene again I just had to do this gesture for both Benjamin and Charley.

So, as this contents is about characters and not actors we should make a note that even though Bronson's character name remains (to the best of my knowledge) unrevealed, it does have this supercool nickname "Harmonica", given to him by Frank (Henry Fonda).

here it is: The Once Upon a Time in the West final showdown.


  1. Amazing!
    in fact i think Henry Fonda qualifies in this movie as one of the best villains in cinema (see the McBains massacre scene) maybe we should have a best villain post as well?

  2. best villain post sounds like a great idea. Guess it would have to be scheduled soon after the "toughest female movie characters of all times"... we need a magazine here...

  3. well, i thought this IS a magazine...


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