Monday, July 2, 2007

What have they done to Math Ninja!?

Today, while wasting my valuable and expensive time reading reflection bits of poor souls lost in cyberspace I found I was not the only one at this line of business (wasting time) as I unveiled this cool Conceptis puzzle fan who goes by the name of Math Ninja and seems to be an avid blogger as well (check out the number of blogs in which she is authored for posting). After recently launching a new blog under this intriguing lady published a short post saying "Recently, while wasting my valuable time, I did this Conceptis puzzle (partly done). I think they may have gone too far."

With this text The Math Ninja has also posted a full size screenshot of a huge partially solved online Color Pic-a-Pix. The emphasizing of the word "online" is because - for those who don't know that - Conceptis still don't offer any option of solving its online puzzles for later continuation. Conceptis has already informed its community that they work real hard to make that happen as soon as possible but for now The Math Ninja would have to complete the whole puzzle at a single session or come back and try again later.

Cheers Math Ninja! you must have had quite a good sleep after getting off your workstation that day. Visit cool Math Ninja at her new blog


  1. Why, thank you for noticing how well I waste my time!

  2. P.S. I updated my blog list to the ones I actually update sometimes.


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