Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Google: now (a lot) more control over your phones

The guys from Google have just revealed another item of the hottest shopping list on earth as they acquire GrandCentral Communications - an innovative service that lets users integrate all of their existing phone numbers and voice mailboxes into one account and access it from the web. saying GrandCentral's technology "fits well into Google's efforts to provide services that enhance the collaborative exchange of information between our users".

GrandCentral's features complement the phone services you already use. If you have multiple phone numbers (e.g., home, work, cell), you get one phone number that you can set to ring all, some, or none of your phones, based on who's calling. This way, your phone number is tied to you, and not your location or job. The service also gives you one central voice mailbox. You can listen to your voicemails online or from any phone, forward them to anybody, add the caller to your address book, block a caller as spam, and a lot more. You can even listen in on voicemail messages from your phone while they are being recorded, or switch a call from your cell phone to your desk phone and back again. All in all, Google say, you'll have a lot more control over your phones.

Google also announced a limited number of invitations available to register for a GrandCentral beta account so if you happen to have a U.S. telephone number, you can sign up for an invitation at www.grandcentral.com.

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